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I inherited a lot of photographs from mom which includes Ivy via Marjorie, her own mom Marjorie and her very own collection which at one point some was destroyed by a flood. Photos need to be shared. Mom had these broken down into her life Davis, Starr and Elter which have to be sorted into the families. Here is how the DVD will look like where the folders are the directories on the disc. As time goes forward and I get these photos scanned, this is where they will appear sorted. If you havent seen your name yet dont worry as it will appear once a photo is seen with you. I had started to do this using an apple application but due to glare i decided to revert to scanning each photo and applying a scratch and dust remover to get the best scan possible. Please view the unknown folder and help me identify the people of our family. Cheers!

File name markers:

Q: during scan, photo was filtered to remove fading caused by age. This is how the photo would have looked when it was purchased.

SCAN: scanned with scratch and dust removal turned on.

PHOTO: digitized with Photomyne

Backphoto: scan of the reverse side. There will be an original with almost the same file name.

Inscrib: added inscription from the reverse.

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