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Family Tree Instructions - belter - 12-21-2019

The family tree is found by clicking the Family Tree link from the homepage, or by typing in the browser, www.elterfamily.ca/Elter/Family%20Tree/

Data is locked and requires login to view most data and to modify.  please contact me if you wish to view or make changes. If you have a better tree on ancestry that covers the family I am willing to post.  Pictures are required if these are present in an GEDCOM file.

Use is simple, type a name and search.  Click the icon beside the name for report options.

Perfect for our kids school projects 'Where am i from?’

Photos are present that I came across on ancestry or had available few years back. Would love to get some others.

RE: Family Tree Instructions - belter - 11-22-2020

UPDATE:  NOV 22 2020

I have opened registration for my family tree.

Each component requires a separate login.  Since each runs on its own session, they cant be mixed.  So the forum logins do not work in other areas like the photos, and photos wont work here.  Same goes for the family tree. 

Sign up for what you want to access.  Cheers!