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Project Album Conversion phpAlbum to CoppermineI can be difficult with people especially when I feel it is warranted. I watched a forum for awhile before I decided to go in and be an ass just like the developers and admins that run the site. I started right off the gate a 'hard to deal with" client. They could not take criticism for some of the things they did in the code like photo exif removal when it can be re-added; thumb creation was par for movies and a developer claimed to do something when i knew he never did since i did not provide a file. Anyways i called him out on it and i was called rude for it because he was demonstrating asshole potential just like he did with others. Oddly was the person that got me whats posted here. My projects to get this to work!
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Project - Plugin/Core - FFMPEG/Antivirus


4 files, last one added on Dec 19, 2020
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Our Baby Girl


2020 was a ride to remember. Decided mid season to upgrade the tent trailer to a 25” trailer. Took it out for one trip and a tree fell on it. Damage could have been repaired but insurance had other plans. This is the final girl and we are looking forward to lock down camping if it is still happening season 2021.

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New girl day two7 viewsInsurance on route
cgp 1.6.9 - Core - uniload11 viewsRemastered upload file called uniload.php by adding three functions and adding a few lines of code when an image is checked (virus) and just after its moved(thumb). ClamAV and FFMPEG are required with this file and must be defined. See CHANGELOG for details.
cpg 1.6.x - FFMPEG Plugin 9 viewsRemastered Thumb Plugin and converted the JAVA portion to FFMPEG. FFMPEG should be installed and variable adjusted. Allowed user time setting in seconds. Scale is definable by adjusting the commands -vf parameter. Code example I provided on the forum was missing this. Provided per the GNU license. No support provided. cpg can support if they choose. Future releases "Might" have config added.
Screenshot - windows service clamd stopped21 viewsMultiple files uploading. ClamAV service down. Uniload core change
Pine Trails6 views
Paints the truck brown!4 viewsSecluded and only adults at this campground

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8 viewsDec 19, 2020
Pine Trails8 viewsOur New Girl Debi LynnDec 19, 2020
Pine Trails6 viewsDec 19, 2020
6 viewsDec 19, 2020
Hey Pine Trails 8 viewsCovid camping. Was nice. No visitorsDec 19, 2020
7 viewsDec 19, 2020
Miss you5 viewsDec 19, 2020