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DVD of Photos for Davis DecendantsWork in progress. Once i figure out how to add in addition ill start to post and update this description.
Family - ElterAll family members married in or with the last name Elter.
Elter, NoelSon of Allan Jack Elter
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Noel and Emma Wedding Sept 6, 2020


Noel and Emma,

Merry Christmas you two as this is your first Christmas as Husband and Wife. We are not to thrilled that COVID is still here and its only getting worse this Christmas and a lockdown is coming this Sunday Dec 13. Since we wont be able to get these to you this year, they are here unedited; ahead of Christmas. We hope that this summer once we all have been vaccinated we can ALL still get together for some summer Christmas thing.

Lots of Love you three: Bill, Yev, Igor, Ira, Lyubov and Vlad.

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ChristmasAnything Christmas
HalloweenAnything Halloween related.
HumorFind photos and videos here to make you laugh
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YouTube- May Contain Nuts


Skits by Sheldon Elter including Kanata (Canada), Fort and make it great again. We need some laughs in these times.

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ProjectsShare of my projects.
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Our Baby Girl


2020 was a ride to remember. Decided mid season to upgrade the tent trailer to a 25” trailer. Took it out for one trip and a tree fell on it. Damage could have been repaired but insurance had other plans. This is the final girl and we are looking forward to lock down camping if it is still happening season 2021.

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Project Album Conversion phpAlbum to CoppermineI can be difficult with people especially when I feel it is warranted. I watched a forum for awhile before I decided to go in and be an ass just like the developers and admins that run the site. I started right off the gate a 'hard to deal with" client. They could not take criticism for some of the things they did in the code like photo exif removal when it can be re-added; thumb creation was par for movies and a developer claimed to do something when i knew he never did since i did not provide a file. Anyways i called him out on it and i was called rude for it because he was demonstrating asshole potential just like he did with others. Oddly was the person that got me whats posted here. My projects to get this to work!
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Project - Plugin/Core - FFMPEG/Antivirus


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Remembering Loved OnesIndian Prayer

When I am dead
Cry for me a little
Think of me sometimes
But not too much.

Think of me now and again
As I was in life
At some moments it‘s pleasant to recall
But not for long.

Leave me in peace
And I shall leave you in peace
And while you live
Let your thoughts be with the living.
Davis, Marjorie LucyGrandma and her many questions. Some-days I miss those phone calls where she is having printer issues. I found my Grandmother to be an amazing woman. She was always there when I needed her or them. When she found love a second time my grandmother seemed to get younger there for a bit. She was a woman that needed a man and she wasn't ready to go yet when grandpa passed. She found comfort with a man from her seniors community and married him. It was sad that they both passed so close together. She use to complain about her first husband passing. It was because she was a woman that couldn't be alone and in 2013 I think she was done her time. Miss you Grandma.
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Grandma Davis (Drabble)


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Photo Album 1


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Gift to Mom 2006


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Dedication Video


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Elter, Charolette Jean MarieMy Great Grandmother. I didn't really know know her to much as she passed when I was young but i do remember her. I remember the drives north to Peace River and seeing her at the restaurant.
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Album 1


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Elter, Debra LynnMother of 9, grandmother of 9. Mom passed too young and way too quick. One week she was talking with us and the next she was in a coma. I think about you all the time. I’m lost sometimes. Till I’m with you again. Xxoo
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Remembering Mom


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Moms Computer My Photos


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Moms Celebrations of Life Videos


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Remembering with Music


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Elter, Geraldine VioletFirst born of Jean Elter, mother to 4, grandmother and great to many.

My grandmothers birth is a mystery and still today we’re solving this mystery. Where? When? And Who? Why the secrecy??
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Elter, Geraldine Violet


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Personal Album 1


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Personal Album 2


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