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Dennis Loyd - GFY (Offical Video)

This song was not in moms video. Lyrics from 1:40 (speech of a man from a TV); I used in moms eulogy. Video does have a beautiful cat so think mom wouldn't mind, plus at times I think she really wanted to tell some people these words. Just mom was too kind at heart ♥♥ I miss you so much and its going to make Christmas even more hard without you.

Fletwood_Mac_-_Gypsy_28offical_video29.youtube Fletwood_Mac_-_Dreams28vinyl_video29.youtube Dennis_Loyd_-_GFY_28Offical_Video29.youtube Fletwood_Mac_-_Song_Bird_28Audio_only29.youtube Ed_Sheeran_-Photograph_28Offical_video29.youtube