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Lets elaberate...
You have to understand that Celiac disease is hereditary.  Mom passing last year still makes me think if this was silent for her.  Was she actually harming herself eating gluten while being possibly 'Silent Celiac'?  I am really curious about this idea.  For me it woke up one day and when it did I was very sick.  Mom was 60...and she went down hill very quick.  I was somewhat like this when it all started but i rebounded with the help of a Naturopath here in Edmonton.  She is absolutely amazing.  Wish i could still see her, but i don't really have something right at the moment for her to correct.  Dysphagia, is interesting on its own; makes eating a real bitch!!!  And this is nerves/muscles which needs surgical correction.  Damn COVID!  Being on leave with COVID is like a sentence...and winter makes it even harder as all the activity in the yard is put on winter hold.

The idea that genes, the environment such as the poisons added to our foods; could very well be a trigger for this if you have the markers like my mom and I.  HLA-DQ8 (me), HLADQ2.5+DQ8(mom); which is interesting as it is one of the main causes for type 1 diabetes which neither of us screened for on 23andme.  We both are type II (23andme) which I am slowly creeping on.  But I have found foods that seem to work.  I just have to watch carbs and fat.  More on that too come..

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