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Finding Safe Dining
Dining today gluten free is a lot easier than it was 20-30 years ago.  More easy these last 5 as the gluten trend ramps up. All sorts of places that can be eaten at ranging from vegan to your every day restaurant.  But which is safe.  What does one ask and what does one do when attitude is received?  Remember some people don’t understand and you also need to take this into consideration.  Take it from an expert at getting pissy with serving staff.  But it’s not necessary and the option is to not eat there also and of course there are now social platforms where one can easily give a place a bad review which could hurt an establishment especially if they should be catering to allergens per there franchise rules.

Today I look for the term “gluten free”.  This term must exist in the menu or the serving staff is very aware and points out what you can have with modification.  Any deviation of the term is a distraction for there incompetence and inability to educate.  It’s that simple.  If a cook can’t use a new frying pan or a dedicated one, then the kitchen isn’t safe.  Making excuses about condiment stations, cutting boards is an excuse for laziness.  Not hard to clean your area.  But anyways these leads me to terms I have found in menus that somewhat dictates this:

1. Gluten Friendly
2. Gluten aware

When you see these term be prepared to eat someplace else.  However some aren’t all bad.  Ask questions cause one item at one location might not be at another.  Al depends on the preparation.

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