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5 second Rule
Remember as a kid when every other chip sometimes just didn’t make it to the mouth or you dropped your meatball on the table and decided it’s clean I’ll still eat it?  

This is a classic example of easy contamination.  A habit that I once practiced and actually was a source of why I didn’t heal.  When a home still allows certain things and in the beginning I admit we were not careful, the smallest speck or crumb from the toaster was enough to make a surface no longer gluten free.  A crumb dropped on the table where I normally sit and if I somehow manage to get that to the mouth, wam!  Transfer occurs and it’s that easy.  Sick from days to months all from something you didn’t know was there.  It’s avoidable and here are some tips:

Don’t practice the rule unless you are certain your space is your space.

If it doesn’t make it to your mouth, toss it!

If your hands aren’t clean don’t eat!  Wash them!  Make it a habit to keep your hands clean when you go out and as soon as your home.

If you still allow gluten products for others in your home, have dedicated equipment and a corner.  The end of the table should also be your spot.
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