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Dr Johnson - Im sorry
Imagine your in so much pain that you cant do a damn thing.  Even rolling hurt like hell.  My pains and complications warranted scoping before seeing the doctor first.  I was not impressed.   This was when I discovered that the drugs they give really impacts the mental health.  I got so mad at them that i actually fought the scope.   I was so much in pain that i didn't understand why scans couldn't see it.  But after she went in with me heavily sedated; they discovered it was really bad.   My blood work never ever showed the disease but under a microscope it was very bad.  My villi had flattened.  There was no villi.  They call this Total Atrophy.

My attitude was wtf are you doing to me?  Ive had scans and you still have no idea?  It made no sense.   Even my pelvis was glowing like a Christmas tree in the scans but they had no idea.  Blood work was showing the signs of inflammation but all immune tests didn't show anything to do with Celiac Disease.  I was one of those very few that just doesn't show on paper as they should.  The only way was biopsy and this doctor was getting them without even saying hello.

Imagine, this doctor is going to be sticking a camera up your ass and also down your throat.  Well I grabbed that scope and i tugged on it.  I even demanded supervisors and chiefs of medicine.  This is what fear and sleepy medicine does.   I do apologize doc.  In the end i did get a new doctor all together; one that specialized in CD.  And she has been with me the whole time now.   Also is amazing; Thank you Dr Amy Morse.

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