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The Russian President Putin equates a Hitler wanna be

With everything going on since 2008; Putin has been the only leader of a country that has been aggressive towards its neighbours.  No other country in history has owned the invader title since the second world war.  Like who in there right mind thinks that the world revolves around them; well it appears that Russians think this way.   Like really; you think the 1919 world map is the true map; your forgetting that two world wars redrew the map!!!

Russia needs to back off and let the countries around her determine there own way.  Russia should
Not be getting her panties in a knot every time Ukraine or some other ex soviet country turns towards the USA.   You had your chance!  It’s obvious your ex friends hate you!  Leave them alone!  Your just going to make them hate you even more like the rest of the planet!

Here’s what I’m going to do along with my family; I use to travel to the Black Sea; I don’t goto crem anymore!  I also stopped buying Russian vodka, soda water, and mineral water.  We also would by caviar; now we get that from France.  Will just say in my eyes; Russia no longer exists and I hope others that might read this will get the same idea! Russian products can be black listed as there are many varieties available elsewhere.

Fuck Russia!  Fuck Putin!   Time the world cuts them off completely and we live without them!

I’m also in support of a total ban on world sports for this country. 50 years being kicked out of fifa and the olympics might wake up there nation!

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