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Halloween 2010
I loved Halloween.   Prob because I got left overs from the kids that didn't show up.  It also was a night for a few beers.

Man do I miss beer.  Gluten Free beer is not the same.  It honestly isn't.  Its gross.  Lucky i have drugs I take which prevents alcohol.

Nov 1, 2010 I ended up in the ER.  Severe chest pain.   After taking this drink, the heartburn went away.   I went home and slept.   But it didn't get rid of it.  I was now on heartburn meds.  And these drugs take months to work sometimes.   I also started to get some very strong abdominal pains that went into my back also.  These pains would be a normal thing for the next 10 years.

I remember that night very well.  Because I was so sweaty it was assumed I was in cardiac arrest.  Imagine every time you go in, your symptoms match that of a heart attack.  No wonder I got the PTSD eventually.  Every visit was frightening AF! 

Then 2011 rolls around and the pains just wont go way.   Even my GP isnt sure.  He has to order gastro.  He pre ordered a bunch of tests for again to be told pancreatitis.  This time it was going further with CT Scans.   While I waited for GI, I was officially disabled.

All movements sucked.   It wasn't till I discovered the power of THC/CBD that i was able to somewhat function again with pain suppressed thanks to a friend.

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