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Early Years - Bill growing up
I was a very quiet kid and as I grew older I also developed an attitude.  I don't think its bad but i do notice that the way I am wired, really impacts how this disease effects every day life.  I think my quietness with private things really stopped me from speaking up when I was dealing with this disease.  Like imagine your friends and co-workers eating gluten foods over your space and your trying to make them realize that its not welcome.

Anyways I got of topic there with how I wanted to start this thread.  Gluten free really sux as the foods you liked you can never have again.

Growing up I ate a rich grain diet.  All these grains we have today; didn't exist then.  I ate wheat, rye and barley.  I always had problems with diarrhea and constipation but it came with illness.  Constipation was a norm as i got into my high-school years.  I even had what was called pencil poop; which is exactly as it is is thin and you never feel empty.  But this was my norm I thought and doctors didn't see anything in the blood to make them think "check him out".  They would offer a drinking solution over the counter and it was that quick to clean it out.  I did complain of weight gain problems as my diet was high calorie and I just burned it off.  Today I struggle with getting the proper calories as the gluten free diet plus type II diabetes (Pre) your limited to carb intake.  As I  increased fat, cardio went off so its literally a no win situation.

My high cereal (Vector), pasta, candy, slur-pies, whole-wheat, flour rich diet brought me eventually to my knees.  If only the time when my pancreas did go off when I was 16, would they have said "you know what, in 20 years we will know that constipation and pancreatitis is another way for Celiac to show so you should start a GF diet now";  would have been very interesting I think.  But would have been harder to eat as it wasn't until 2015 when GF was getting ramped up.  When you look back over your life you realize the signs was there.   Its just today they know now those signs are the early warning signs and you can make a difference in prognosis if dealt with then and not later.

As I grew older I lived with the pencil poop; I started to gain weight so I thought that my new lifestyle after coming out relieved a lot of stress which was preventing the weight gain.  I know this today with my sessions with Cory.  I peaked at 205 lbs before my ER visit in 2010.  I didn't think from that point it would be downhill after getting severe heartburn treated so I could get the sleep.

I also as a child use to go yellow.   They always thought that it was being jaundiced.   Today if your born jaundiced, they screen you.   Periodically my liver would go off and it wasn't till recently it finally wasn't high enough to even test. 

I do think if that doctor would have acted when I was 16, things would be different.  But I cant dwell on the past; its out of my control right?  Cool

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